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What's New With Hempz?
New Hempz Pomegranate. Check out the new Hempz Pomegranate products. Pomegranate is a powerful antioxidant that soothes, hydrates and nourishes skin, protecting it from free radical damage. 

Where can I find Hempz products?
Many professional salons and beauty supply outlets around the world carry the Hempz brand. Also there are a several retailers of Hempz products online. If you are looking to buy Hempz at the best prices and with extremely fast service, we recommend the following online retailers:

How do I know which Hempz products are best for my skin?
Each of the Hempz Lotion products is designed to nourish and beautify all skin types and conditions. Just browse through our product line, and their usage is easy to understand. Hempz Moisturizer is a favorite of millions worldwide. Hempz is a name that signifies quality and skin care.

Is hemp seed really good for my skin?
Absolutely. Hemp seed oil contains EFAs in ratios that perfectly match the needs of your skin and hair. Hemp is a favorite ingredient in many skin care products today. Hemp Seed Oil is widely recognized as a premium skin care ingredient. To learn more about the benefits of hemp seed in body care, please see our about hemp section of this website.

Is hemp the same as marijuana?
No. Both hemp and marijuana come from the Cannabis Sativa plant. However, they are completely different with respect to stalk size, growing practices and most importantly, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content. THC, which comes from the flowering tops, is the active ingredient in marijuana and contributes to marijuana’s medicinal value as well as its mood altering effects. The hemp plant, on the other hand, is harvested solely for its seed and stalk, not its low-THC flowers. THC values in marijuana run about 15-20%, while THC values in industrial hemp are usually standardized at 0.3% or below. You will not have any effects commonly associated with marijuana use.

Can I fail a drug test if I use these products?
No. You would have to drink a 1/2 cup of pure hemp oil per day, for several days, just to register near the cutoff level of 50 ppb THC in urine testing. As for putting it on your skin, even if you took a bath in pure hemp oil, it would have no effect. Rest assured, Hempz products contain no marijuana.

Where does your hemp oil and extract come from?
It is grown, harvested and processed in Canada, our neighbor to the north, where the farming and processing of hemp is legal. It is completely legal to use the processed product in the U.S., not to mention extremely popular!

Are Hempz products tested on animals?
Absolutely Not. Hempz Lotion is never tested on animals. Hempz is a cruelty-free product.

Can I buy Hempz products directly from you?
No. Hempz products are only sold through salons, beauty outlets and the websites listed above.

Do I need to use tanning lotion when I tan?
Tanning lotions designed for indoor tanning are important in achieving a deep, dark tan. The skin care ingredients in Hempz products are designed to add moisture to your skin and help it recover from the tanning process. Remember, good skin care is essential to getting and maintaining a dark tan.

What can I do to make my tan look healthy and last longer?
Maintaining the moisture level of the skin is essential in achieving a deeper, darker tan and making it last longer. The entire Hempz line contains pure hemp seed oil and extract for vital hydration and is designed specifically for tanners.

What do hot (tingle) products do?
Hot (tingle) products raise the blood to the skin, increasing the micro-circulation, which in turn speeds up the tanning process. When using hot products the skin turns red, warm and could provide a tingle sensation.

Is there anyone you recommend not to use a hot product?
People with sensitive skin should use caution in using a hot product. It is recommended to test a small area of the skin prior to full body application.

Does a hot product give you a sunburn?
No, a hot product does not give you a sunburn. Hot products do turn your skin red, but that is from the blood being raised up to the skin. Since you do tan faster with a hot product, we recommend lowering your exposure time in the beginning to prevent over-exposure.

Should I use a hot product on my face?
No. It is NOT recommended to ever use a hot product on your face. All of our regular tan maximizers and bronzers, however, are facial quality and may be used on the face.

Can I use Hempz tanning products outdoors?
You should never use a hot product outdoors because of the tingle factor. Our regular tan maximizers may be used outdoors as long as you use an SPF under the tanning lotion to help protect your skin, since it is hard to monitor your exposure outdoors.

What does a bronzer do?
Bronzers contain DHA, the active ingredient in most sunless tanners. Bronzers enable you to achieve sunless color, from the DHA, while the tan maximizers aid in the UV-tanning process. A bronzer enables you to get darker faster. We recommend always applying bronzers in a circular motion to insure an even application.

How long should I wait to shower after using a sunless solution?
To achieve the best sunless tan, you should wait at least four (4) hours before showering.

How many days does a sunless tan last?
A sunless tan typically lasts from 5 to 7 days, depending on levels of exfoliation and moisture of the skin. Regular use of one of Hempz Herbal Moisturizers will help extend the life of your sunless tan.

Should I exfoliate before sunless tanning?
It is recommended to exfoliate before beginning any sunless tanning process. A product like Hempz Herbal Body Scrub will prep your skin for your sunless application, providing a more even, natural coverage.

Should I moisturize before sunless tanning?
Moisturizer acts as a barrier for sunless tans, so it is recommended to only moisturize in dry areas to help achieve a more even tan. Both of our Hempz sunless products have a built in moisturizer with the pure hemp seed oil and extract.

Can I sunless tan and UV tan in the same day?
Yes, however, it is recommended to UV-tan first to prevent streaking.

Is indoor tanning as effective as outdoor tanning?
Yes, it can be more effective because you are tanning in a controlled environment which blocks out the majority of the harmful UV-rays. You also have the ability to monitor your time exposure so you tan without burning. Can I use my tanning lotion or oil designed for outdoor use indoors?
Outdoor products should only be used outdoors because they contain ingredients that can cause a film on the acrylic of tanning beds. The film actually inhibits the tanning process, instead of amplifying it the way tan maximizers designed for indoor use do. Our indoor tan maximizers also contain skin care ingredients to help prepare your skin for a deeper, darker tan.

If I have a hard time tanning outdoors will I also have a hard time tanning indoors?
Yes. Because everyone’s skin type is different, if you tan outdoors easily, you will tan indoors easily, as well. For those who do not tan easily, a tan may be achieved indoors by following the recommended exposure time.

What is an SPF?
SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. If you have an SPF of 15 that would mean that you could stay out in the Sun 15 times longer than you normally could not wearing sunscreen. Although it is not necessary to use an SPF for indoor tanning, we always recommend the use of one of our Hempz SPF formulas outdoors to prevent over exposure.

If I have a sunless tan, do I still need to wear SPF when I am outdoors?
Yes. Although you have achieved the look of a golden tan, it will not protect your skin from a sunburn.

Why do my lips burn when I tan?
Lips do not contain melanin, so they will burn if not protected while tanning. We recommend Hempz Herbal Lip Balm, Lips, which has an SPF 15, to prevent burning and helps keep lips moisturized.

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