Hempz 20x Bronzer Maximizer

The dark color it gives on even the first tan will spin heads around. Hempz 20x Bronzer features a dark bronzing blend that will quickly give you a rich dark tan beyond any other bronzer in it’s class. The natural ingredients ensure that you get the maximum color possible in minimal time without parabens and other unwanted addditives.

Experience a color that is even, streak-free and long-lasting. The ultra dark bronzing blend also continues to darken skin even after UV exposure is complete to even further darken your color. It is vegan, paraben-free and gluten-free. One awesome feature about this unique formula is that it uses Hemp Seed Oil to nourish, moisturize and hydrate skin.

Hempz 20x Bronzer Tanning MaximizerHempz has long been known for quality tanning lotions. The Hempz Maximizers have been top sellers since 2001 but this next generation bronzer breaks the mold. Although getting the golden hue you want is important it is also necessary to remember to take care of your skin and make sure its hydrated and at its optimal level. Skin can get damaged very easily when it is exposed to UV rays and there are many ways you can protect yourself from it.

Hempz 20x Bronzer has a Honeydew Drop scent that will enlighten your senses for a 20 minute vacation. This lotion can be classified as a 20x bronzer hemp maximizer that is paraben-free and vegan. The bottle is a plastic ergonomic cylinder shaped bottle. It is black but with the distinct Hempz hemp leaf at the top. “HEMPZ” is written under the logo for fast identification.

Look for the “20x Bronzer Tan Maximizer” that written in smaller white font on the black bottle. There is an easy open cap and it comes in a 10oz bottle that retails for $55.00 however you can find it online at various prices.

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